telescope house

The Telescope house located near the village of Kalamos, occupies a large area on a hilltop enjoying excellent vistas towards the surrounding mountains.

The access to the house seems like an amphitheatre that climbs the sloping site. The house is divided into different zones. Simple geometric volumes intersect to enhance the transparency of the central zone towards the garden on the east side of the house. The heart of the house is the living area. This volume is projected as a telescope towards the view of the garden and the mountains. At the highest level is the master bedroom, with louvered lookouts, that opens to a large open space on the roof of the living room. At the lowest level are the children's bedrooms and storage rooms.

The proper orientation of the extensive windows and skylights brings in natural light, while a high-performance envelope controls temperature. Horizontal and vertical wooden louvers are incorporated into the design. Numerous sustainable features include passive design, geothermal heating and cooling, environment microclimate created by the roof gardens and rainwater harvesting for irrigation.


built area : 350sqm

location : Kalamos, Attica

project status : 2008, final design