industrial capsule

This project is a new mixed-use building for the Leading Pharmaceutical Company in Greece, situated in an industrial park and bordered by the national highway, on a site totalling 12,226 sqm. The programm includes a double height ground floor and basement that facilitate a 4,000sqm warehouse for the medicines. The offices are on the first floor, covering a surface of 2,000sqm. The organization concept for the office space is a 'working capsule' model, inserted between the steel constructional frame. Administration, offices and logistics area are arranged within the honey-comb concept.

Materials for the facade are chosen to emphasise the building's different uses. The south and west warehouse facade is clad in perforated and seamed aluminium sheets. A yellow film has been applied underneath providing a muted sense of colour. The same yellow colour is repeated within the first floor's 'working capsules'. The rest of the building facades is clad in light grey reflective alouminioum and mineral wool panels.

built area : 6,000 sqm

location : Metamorfosi, Attica

project status : in progress