the barn project

The Barn Project is situated at the EUROPA Scheunenviertel ALTLANDSBERG, a medieval area east of Berlin (Brandenburg region). The project is part of the Europa_Project. The proposal marries the agricultural history of the Barn with new architectural interventions, the combination of which enhances this fascinating 19th Century agricultural architecture. The design of this project promotes multiple use and aims to play an educational role that focuses specifically on the exploration, creativity and play. It consists of many different functions which elaborate the relationship between “inside” and “outside”. The existing Barns are repaired and new ones are added as extentions to create a relationship with the surrounding landscape. These spaces are designed to host educational and artistic activities for kids and adults, involving workshops, exhibition galleries for temporary exhibitions of artistic and commercial character, self-service restaurant and cafe, play and so on. It is a meeting place for everyone full of energy with music, theater, dance, art, food and drink, festivals, concerts, debates, courses and children's activities. Buildings, programs and uses will give the city of Scheunenviertel a great boost.

The project has been submitted in collaboration with BAUMAN.IG in Berlin.

built area : 2750m²

location : Brandenburg, Germany

project status : 2015 unfinished

collaborators : BAUMAN.IG